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Review and Consolidate Existing Funds

Get the most from your super

Superannuation became compulsory for all employees in 1983. Since then, many people have accumulated a balance in a superannuation account of some kind. In fact statistics suggest that on average most workers have two to three funds.

Why review and consolidate?

It is important to regularly review your funds and in many cases, consolidation will be the best course of action. Fees can be charged on each fund and therefore the total fees can be eating into what is most likely your second biggest asset.

What we do 

We help clients review their funds and help locate any lost superannuation that may have been paid on their behalf. Changing employers, changing addresses, getting married, can all lead to a fund losing contact with you. We help you determine whether switching is in your best interest after examining:

  • upfront fees
  • ongoing fees
  • member fees
  • costs and level of insurance
  • investment options and performance
  • relative strength of funds to deliver in the future.

We can provide you with a written Statement of Advice to help you take the best course of action.

If you have worked overseas there are specific rules in relation to bringing your superannuation home; timing and exchange rates are key to the decision. Seek advice as soon as you return to Australia as there are windows of time that change the tax payable.

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