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Employee Financial Management

Attract the right people - and keep them

When you’ve got good people working for you, you want to look after them. Not only will you increase employee loyalty and productivity, you’ll reduce staff turnover and find it easier to attract good talent in the future. Burrell can help existing or start-up businesses with financial issues that are important to both employers and employees. Think of us as an extension of your organisation’s HR team.

What we do

As well as providing advice to employers on their personal financial arrangements, Burrell’s Corporate Business Services advise on financial issues for your staff. We can advise on superannuation, insurance and financial management issues.

We can deal direct with your management team and employees onsite, and provide advice and solutions to a group or one-on-one. We start by comprehensively reviewing your organisation’s existing arrangements, at no additional cost.

Let us help you with annual updates or advice on up-to-the-minute issues such as Federal Government changes in superannuation, or budget changes and their impact on employers and individuals.

Our expertise and customised service will help you get your employees' super, insurance and financial management running smoothly and effectively. Your staff will thank you for it.

Burrell can help with

Superannuation advice, strategies and reviews

  • Reviewing current corporate business superannuation for your employees, including fund comparisons, investment choices, benefits and ongoing fees.
  • Establishing a Self Managed Super Fund or personal superannuation fund.
  • Establishing and managing your superannuation policy committee, plus providing advice on legislative obligations.
  • Assisting with personal superannuation fund(s) including advice on suitability, investment assets, benefits, salary sacrifice, fees and alternatives.
  • Finding and consolidating multiple super funds into one.


  • Reviewing, advising on and arranging personal and business risk insurance (life, total and permanent disability, trauma, and income protection).

Salary packaging

  • Advising on salary sacrifice benefits and opportunities.
  • Assisting with arrangements, including current contribution cap limits.

Stockbroking and investing

  • Reviewing personal financial investments to determine their suitability both now and later in retirement, plus advice on other investments, strategies or structures.
  • Offering full retail stockbroking services including research, personal advice, product evaluation and investment recommendations (both with the ASX and internationally).
  • Advising on and arranging managed investments and fixed interest investments.
  • Providing complete portfolio and administration services via Burrell’s Premium Portfolio Service.

Retirement planning

  • Devising a realistic expenditure budget and an ongoing income stream.
  • Optimising the tax implications of your retirement strategy.
  • Assisting with Transition to Retirement (TTR) plans and strategies.
  • Improving your eligibility for valuable government benefits.
  • Establishing an account-based retirement pension to provide a tax-free income stream and the flexibility of investment control, with access to funds as required.
  • Weighing up the advantages of having funds in both the accumulation phase of superannuation and within the pension phase of an account-based pension.
  • Keeping you up to date with legislative changes and the latest retirement strategies.

Estate planning

  • Setting up your superannuation arrangements to work for you now, and your beneficiaries later.
  • Considering the value of testamentary trusts.
  • Planning the treatment of your life assurance.
  • Reviewing how your property is held and how it is best treated after your decease.
  • Planning how your shares will be treated after your decease and ensuring your beneficiaries are comfortable with the arrangements made to manage them.
  • Specifying arrangements for the smooth transition of your business interests.
  • Establishing how your estate will be taxed and putting in place mechanisms to minimise tax liability including Capital Gains Tax.
  • Advising on streamlining the estate's accounting including maintaining an investment ledger.

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