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Burrell Direct

The equities market portal for financial planners and accountants

Burrell Direct is a direct equity investment service for financial planners and accountants. If you’re acting as intermediary on behalf of your clients, you can access Burrell’s full suite of research plus our expertise in equity market trading, while still retaining the role of primary advisor to your client.

What is Burrell Direct

Financial planners and accountants often tell us they find it difficult to adequately advise their clients on direct equities as they don’t have the experience, platforms, licences or time to construct balanced portfolios. Burrell Direct is the answer. It’s a direct equities advice and execution platform designed specifically for financial planners and accountants who want to deliver the best returns for their clients. 

As your client's planner, you’ll always be kept in the loop and you’ll have a direct link to us for any trades, advice or enquiries on your client’s behalf. 

Why Burrell Direct

  • Personalised service.
    Burrell is a full service brokerage firm established in 1937.  As one of the last privately held broking firms in Australia, our level of personalised service can’t be matched by many of the bigger commercial firms. Our trading, broking, research and settlement teams interact with our clients on a first-name basis, rather than account numbers.

  • Ease of doing business.
    We are one of only two firms to have our own in-house stock clearing and settlement operations. This means we offer unparalleled control over the trading process and a level of efficiency and compliance other firms can only dream of.

  • Market insight.
    The Burrell trading and broking teams have several decades of combined market experience. We offer a level of insight in both market execution and stock selection that individual investors can’t equal.

  • In-depth research and analysis.
    We maintain a full suite of equities research, both via subscription services and in-house. We have the capacity to cover a larger universe of stocks in-depth and we can construct much broader portfolios with a wider degree of confidence than individual investors or planners.

  • Independence.
    Burrell has broker access to select floats, placements and IPOs that may not be widely available to the public. As a private firm, we are less susceptible to conflicts of interest and pressure to shift certain products that some larger brokers and underwriters experience.

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Call Burrell Direct on 1300 132 752, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or download our Burrell Direct PDF for more information.