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Getting started or getting serious

The sharemarket is looking up and now is the time to get involved. Despite recent negative sentiment, the Australian sharemarket continues to be a true performer enabling many investors to build long-term wealth.

Burrell's top 5 investment tips

  1. Identify a strategy and stick to it. Determine your personal circumstances, investor profile and strategy, and commit to a considered investment solution.
  2. Equip yourself with knowledge. Ensure you have ready access to the information you need to make better investment decisions.
  3. Invest for the long term. A long-term commitment to investing will reduce your risk, so remain focused on what you want to achieve in the long run.
  4. Diversify, diversify, diversify. Diversification reduces risk. Consider different asset classes, companies, industries, countries and funds, and pick your time.
  5. Remember the tax implications. Where you can, harness tax breaks and incentives, and minimise the effects of taxation.

Four steps towards investment success

Step 1:   Sign up for Burrell's broking benefits

At Burrell, our approach is all about getting to know you and your goals, and ensuring market returns and less volatility across your portfolio.

You will also find:

  • Burrell provides personal service that many bigger firms are unable to match 
  • you’ll enjoy a trusted relationship with your personal advisor who is backed by a team of asset sector specialists 
  • our independence as a firm means we focus on your needs, not ours
  • we provide actionable up-to-the-minute information to assist you invest wisely
  • our in-house stock clearing and settlement operations brings unparalleled efficiency, compliance and control 
  • our portfolio services will help keep your portfolio well-managed and wealth producing 
  • you’ll benefit from our competitive brokerage rates and flexible pricing structures 
  • we offer a full suite of investment solutions and can help you with your superannuation and financial planning too.

Step 2:   Sign up with the ASX's CHESS Subregister

This paperless, electronic system of registering your shares is free and offers investors many benefits including accurate record keeping and streamlined settlement.

Step 3:   Consider a secure, high interest & seamless Money Market Deposit Account

We recommend you open an account with DDH Graham, which can be fully integrated with your portfolio at Burrell. An account with DDH Graham will provide bank security and competitive interest rates and will facilitate automatic settlement of buy and sell transactions.

Step 4:   Select a portfolio service that suits you & your investment activities

Option 1: Portfolio Service (PS): Our base-level option provides you with comprehensive research services and regular information on the value of your portfolio.
Option 2: Premium Portfolio Service (PPS): A complete solution to support your investment activities, including an administration team, a personal investment advisor, valuable research and super-smart technology.
Option 3: Individually Managed Portfolio Service (IMP): All the benefits of PPS, plus you can authorise our team to handle the implementation of the agreed investment strategy, stock selection and other investment decisions on your behalf.

Get started

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