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Burrell's own investment funds

Burrell operates three funds:

  • Burrell Australian Equities Trust (BAET): long-term domestic portfolio, mainly blue chip Australian companies that offer growth and dividend income. 

  • Burrell World Equities Trust (BWET): offers diversification away from the Australian equities market into industries not well represented at home.

  • Burrell Smallcap, Midcap and Resources Trust (BSMaRT): holds short-term trading and sector overweight positions in Australian equities. Also adds further diversification into small and mid-cap Australian companies.

BWET and BSMaRT are open to all investors, whereas BAET is open only to wholesale investors.

Investing in a Burrell fund gives investors exposure to the underlying investments of the particular fund. Conversely, investing in AIH (Burrell’s LIC) exposes investors to all three of the Burrell funds.

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