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Deceased Estate Solutions

Expert assistance is at hand

If you’re working with the executor of a deceased estate in the capacity of a financial planner, lawyer or accountant, we can help. Burrell’s Estates team is experienced in deceased estates and can flexibly work with you to manage the deceased’s shares, as well as investments and financials.

How do we help?

You may be working with the executor of a deceased estate to help them manage the estate in some way, be it applying for a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration, executing the deceased's Will, transferring property, or helping the executor manage the deceased's financial and tax affairs, and even winding up of the estate. Or the deceased may have held CHESS or Issuer Sponsored shares and other investments that need direct broker or financial planning assistance.

Our Estates team regularly works with other brokers, financial planners, lawyers and accountants to help executors manage their responsibilities. Your client can enter into an agreement with Burrell, and we’ll help with the specific paperwork the executor will need to execute the deceased’s shares.

As well as bringing a financial planning and investment perspective to the deceased’s Will, our immediate access to the CHESS Subregister and our Premium Portfolio Service delivers time and cost efficiencies.

The Burrell Estates team can complement the services of financial planners, lawyers and accountants by:

  • reading the deceased’s Will from a financial planning and investment viewpoint
  • strategically reviewing the share portfolio and assets
  • considering the position of the beneficiaries
  • considering tax implications, including GST
  • creating efficiencies with portfolio support and alleviating paperwork
  • providing ongoing advice and management, if required.

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