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Burrell’s Corporate Business Services (CBS) practice works with existing or start-up businesses on financial issues that are important to both employers and employees. As well as advising employers on their personal financial arrangements, we advise on superannuation, insurance and financial matters for their management and staff. This includes a comprehensive review of the status quo, at no cost.

We can also deal direct with your organisation’s management and employees onsite, delivering advice and solutions, either one-on-one, or to a group.

As part of our CBS service, we often provide annual updates and advice on superannuation, insurance, investment, and financial planning. And if it is an issue-of-the-moment, we cover proposed changes to legislation like Federal Government changes in superannuation, as well as budget changes and the impact on employers and individuals.

Consider Burrell to be an extension of your own organisation’s resources. We’ll provide customised, flexible and specialised expertise and resources to help employers get their super, insurance, and financial management issues running smoothly and effectively - and your staff will appreciate and return-in-kind working for an employer of choice.