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Corporate Services

Burrell’s services extends to working with businesses and organisation, specifically we help:

  • Not for Profit organisations. Burrell’s unrivalled NFP model enables our NFP clients to work smarter, not harder, to improve their financial position, achieve their goals, and provide benefits to their members in a financially sound way.
  • Financial Planners and FP qualified accountants. Financial planners often tell us they don’t have the experience, platforms, licenses or time to construct balanced portfolios for their clients. Burrell Direct is the answer: a direct equities advice and execution platform designed specifically for financial planners and accountants looking to attract the best financial returns for their clients, while retaining their role as a primary advisor.
  • Estate lawyers, accountants and financial planners. Burrell’s Deceased Estate Solutions complements the services provided by estate lawyers and accountants. As well as bringing a financial planning and investment perspective to the deceased’s will, our immediate access to the CHESS Subregister as well as our Premium Portfolio Service also delivers great cost efficiencies. Repetition and tedious legwork, and therefore unnecessary cost, it eradicated.
  • Start-up or existing businesses. Burrell’s Corporate Business Services (CBS) practice works with businesses on financial issues that are important to both employers and employees. As well as advising employers on their personal financial arrangements, we advise on superannuation, insurance and financial matters for their management and staff. We can work onsite, delivering advice and solutions either one on one, or to a group. Consider Burrell to be an extension of your resources, providing customised, flexible and specialised expertise.